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Performance Security Sales
Kiddie Kobbler
Uniform development-
State-of-the-art Flash Programming
Uniform Developments is a distinctive builder helping to shape the Ottawa community for over 40 years. A sophisticated colour palette and user-friendly navigation makes this site very approachable; no matter how deep into the navigation one gets, the viewer will never get lost. The site features multiple communities including model images, floorplans, sitemaps and highlights as well as commercial offices, warehousing and retail spaces available for lease.

Bliss Beauty Club
Flash Intro and interactive forms
Always considering their clients first, the Bliss Beauty Club created a customer oriented site, offering spa treatment packages as well as an impressive line of hair, make-up and skin products. The site features interactive membership forms, appointment request forms, and online coupons. On completion of the English site, we translated the content and uploaded a complete French version.

Kiddie Kobbler
Retail shoe chain with printable coupons
Kiddie Kobbler needed a web site to direct young families to their local Kiddie Kobbler store and to stimulate new interest one of the oldest franchise in Canada. It was important to provide quick access to store locations across Canada and enough shoe related facts to be useful without rambling on. We used printable on-line coupons and other promotional ideas such as 'The Shoe Club' to build customer interest and loyality. Moxie Media designed this site to be visually clean with a fresh professional look that is just right for the most well known and respected name in shoe retail.

The Wellness hospital
E-Commerce site design and development
NutriChem together with their two affiliate companies, MetaLife and ICMT, decided to combine their products and services and actively market the new Wellness Hospital portal. The portal acts as an information source for heath related topics as well as an
on-line store where products can be viewed and ordered. The Wellness Hospital’s custom compounds and services now reach out to an international market.

Web site design and development
Resolutionary is a creative marketing and communications agency located in Rhinebeck, New York. Moxie Media has established a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with Resolutionary by allowing them to add our web development expertise to their production and design capabilities. They now can confidently offer their clients the finest multi-media,multimedia and web development available anywhere without having to worry about the day-to-day operations and expense of an in-house web development department.

R.Hooper Benefit
Streaming Narration
R. Hooper Benefits Inc. is an employee benefit consultant firm specializing in providing benefit plan management to fast growth industries. Targeting the high tech, biotech and American industries, R.Hooper needed to stand out from the pack and make a lasting impression. By voicing the main navigation and using ‘Flash’ throughout the site the visitor is always intrigued and motivated to explore the content.



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