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Contact us for more information on a cost effective way to publish your organization's Annual Report without sacrificing quality. Features • High end design and layout for online annual reports • No printing or mailing costs for online annual reports • Multimedia elements such as videos and motion graphics can be included in online annual reports • Instance delivery because the Annual Report is online • Updating of information at any time without the cost of re-printing for online annual reports • Interactives such as links to emails, websites, reference materials and PDF downloads for online annual reports • Press ready files available at no additional cost for online annual reports Updating Updating of information in the online annual reports that was either not available at the time of authoring or found later to be in error can be corrected. Of course this is not possible for documents that are printed but easy to achieve in the case of online reports. Stats gathering for online annual reports Reporting on user access is provided through Google Analylics which offers a free comprehensive reporting system that tracks all aspects of user activity while accessing the document. Stats such as the number of views, pages viewed, top content, top exit pages and many more useful statistics are available. Moxie Media Studios will set up Google tracking for the Annual Report and an account for you to access the reports. Training is available at to all our clients.


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