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MM Metrics - Web statisics and analysis

MM METRICS is a suite of web tools designed to measure your site's marketing effectiveness. Application Development Graphical reports make it easy to see the number of visitors that have been on your web site over a given time period as well as other vital information useful in market analysis.

Matching advertising to web site visits
The daily report makes it easy to see the correlation between your advertising efforts and visitor response. Example: an advertisement is placed in the Saturday newspaper that refers clients to your web site. The daily report should show a strong peak on Saturday with a ramp-off averaging out by mid-week. Depending on results Application Development you may decide to change the wording, design or placement of the next ad.

Search Engine Optimization
MM Metrics produces a comprehensive report of each visitor's search engine preferences including the specific web site and words used as well as a link back to the search page. The report lists the actually search words used to find your web site so you can delete unused keywords from your pages and truly optimizing search engine results.

Profiling your clients
MM Metrics can be customized to display information about your visitor's geographical location, language, hardware and software, operating system and multimedia capabilites.


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