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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa, Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia. Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,multimedia services,video services

multi-media,multimedia PRESENTATIONS

College of Family Physicians
Assessing the risk to human health, Health Canada
Sheet metal competition
Kiwi Choice, UPowered or U-Powered
Merck e-learning
CPCSSN Power Point
Uniform Developments
CPHA podcast
Hydro Ottawa
Music for Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and the media.
Agriculture Agri-Food Canada
multi-media,multimedia presentations are used to send complex messages to a wide audience in an engaging, emotive and thought provoking manner. Moxie Media produces all the essential elements including voiceovers, photography, animations, music and video in a tightly managed studio process that ensures a superior final production.

Production Credits
Moxie Media has over twenty years of design and production experience in multimedia including works for dance (Theatre Ballet of Canada), award shows, and music concerts (Moxie Presents, National Arts Centre) as well as film (Noam Chomsky and the media, National Film Board), television (TVO, Rogers), CD/DVD, internet and radio.

Multimedia Management
We consider a multimedia presentation successful if it achieves our client's objectives within budget and on time. Moxie Media always follows 'industry best practices' with timely client approval stages that ensures our projects stay on the right track. (For more detailed information on our PM go to: PROFILE/Project Management)

• Conceptionalizing and story-boarding of creative concepts
• DVD, CD-ROM and video design
• Video, television and radio scripting and casting

Video Production
• Location scouting, shooting and video-editing
• Soundtrack production including narration recording, editing and mixing
• Preparation of multimedia masters for DVD/film/video duplication

Audio Production
• Original music composition (soundtracks, jingles, songs...)
• Audio production including narration recording, editing and mixing
• Preparation of multimedia masters for CD-ROM/MP3 duplication

Media Acquisitions and Conversions
• Digitizing of photography, video and audio
• conversion of supplied materials (Excel, MicroSoft Word,
• PowerPoint) to multimedia formats
• Research, negotiation and purchasing of photos,
• film, video and artwork


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