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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa, Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia. Moxie Media Studios,web site services,Ottawa,Canada

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Moxie Media Studios offers a number of internet products all backed up by our commitment to excellence. Design is always clean and tuned-in to your business or marketing plan. Coding is solid, compact and will continue to perform flawlessly for every visitor to your site.

Flash Web Sites
Our Flash sites are fast loading without annoying multimedia elements that can make browsing tedious. We have harnessed 'Flash' technology and never let it get in the way of delivering the content. We offer superior multimedia design that is flawlessly controlled by advanced coding that has our competition scrambling just to keep up.

HTML Sites
Our 'html' sites are built to current industry standards of reliability and accessibility. We pride ourselves on delivering clean well thought out navigation so your visitors are never frustrated by hidden or hard to locate content. Our designs are geared towards creating the right impression everytime without resorting to the 'same old same old'.

User Editing
Moxie Media Studios has developed a cost cutting solution to keeping you content current. Our premier 'Flash' sites allow our clients to update text, email addresses and even add new sections from their browsers. New content can be added or edited and uploaded without any prior knowledge of web editing tools. It is 100% secure because everything is password protected and backed-up automatically.

Buy-on-line sites have taken a real beating from the news media of late - but are we seeing the whole picture?
Moxie Media Studios have identified and solved many of the pitfalls of Ecommerce. The ability to design and code a web site with Ecommerce capabilities is only part of the job. Driving customers to the site and instilling confidence are essential if your E-site is going to allow you to reach a larger audience and create additional revenue streams. In most cases our system can be integrated into your existing inventory control system. Every order placed will automatically create a sales order, and adjust the inventory levels, while updating your accounting records.

Web Development Phases
Phase 1: Initial planning
We work with you to help determine your objectives, your audience, and how can you best service their needs. Working together we identify problem areas and develop creative solutions.

• internet business strategy outlining objectives, creative direction and plans for the roll out and promotion of the site
• rough design concepts
• creation of site maps

Phase 2: Creative development
Once we have defined our strategies, we can start to tackle objectives such as content development, site “look and feel”, online marketing, functionality and technical requirements.

• home page design concepts
• sample site pages
• layout, design and typography samples
• style sheets

Web Development Phases
Phase 3: Mockup
Upon approval of the design and architecture, we than develop a mockup. The purpose of the mockup is to iron out any problem areas in the design, layout, or functionality.

• 8-12 page sample web site
• screens from concept boards
• programmed interactivity and navigation sampling (limited)
• comprehensive plan and specifications for completing site

Phase 4: Production and troubleshooting
Once the client has approved the mockup, we lay in the remaining information using the established navigation and functionality. This is where your website really starts to take shape.

• completion of all graphic, copy and programming elements
• completion of quality testing by team
• testing within the user group

Web Development Phases
Phase 5: Launch
We consult with our clients about the marketing solutions that is best for their business. We handle the ISP deployment ensuring reliable 24/7 service. We then track and analysis the traffic to the website and make the necessary adjustments. Our partnership with our clients extends well beyond the launch date allowing for review and adjustments.

• plan for promoting and advertising the site
• site management and maintenance
• coordinate and manage the Internet service provider function

'Common look and feel' standards
We understand that the common Look and Feel standards were designed to ensure that all Canadians regardless of ability, geographic location or demographic category, are given equal access to information. Moxie Media will ensure that site design and information are made accessible in such a way that a wide range of technologies, including personal computers, assistive devices, and advanced technologies can be used.


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