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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa, Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia. Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,Project management


With over twelve years combined multi-media,multimedia and website development experience to draw upon, our project managers know what it takes to ensure a smooth production flow that meets delivery dates within budget at every stage of a project. Our project management approach evolved over the past six years guided by extensive experience in the fields of marketing, multi-media,multimedia production and internet development. We believe our approach to be beneficial to our clients because production flow follows industry best practices with timely client approval stages that ensures all project risks and obstacles are identified and under control.

If the contract is awarded to Moxie Media Studios we will schedule a 'Project Initiation' meeting to introduce our key personnel to your project authorities; review the objectives and scope of the project; and establish a reporting structure. The first milestone includes the review, revisions and sign-off of the Project Plan which details the breakdown of all project tasks including personnel, start and finish dates and a comprehensive breakdown of all project costs. Your project authorities will be required to attend a scheduled production meeting to discuss the user interface (GUI) and provide approval and sign-off at this and other stages of the project. Weekly status reports are provided to keep your project authorities informed about the progress of the project and to ensure that required input is incorporated into the design and production processes.

Moxie Media studios will:
• Create a project plan including a breakdown of tasks and costs;
• Monitor progress and report weekly to your project authority;
• Control production costs as detailed in the project plan;
• Ensure that milestones are met as detailed in the project plan;
• Identify the level of quality required, and manage to that level;
• Pro-actively identify and manage risks and obstacles;

Moxie will also:
• Set up and maintain a secure web server specifically for your
project that will provide you with an area to view:
work-in-progress; project storyboards; design compositions...
• Feedback and comment fields will allow your team to
communicate their concerns or acceptance immediately
upon viewing the work.


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