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Studio WatchDog
The Project Manager's best friend Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,Flash application development,production management tools

After years of working in a production environment we know how hard it can be to keep track of billable hours for a given job. With Studio WatchDog all the work done on a job is recorded as it is being performed including the specfic task and the date the work was performed.

The Manager's view
The Manager's view shows a set of reports that are essential for tracking a project's progress including actual hours and overtime.

Hot View is an up-to-the-minute report that shows who is working on which job, the length of the current session and the task.

Productivity Report indicates the actual time an employee spent on a job and compares that with their billable hours as well as the productivity of other employees Application Development.
The designer's view
The Designer's view records all the work performed by each employee including the job ID, billable time, specfic task and the date. The employee is queried by the system at specific intervales as to which job they are working on. When an employee indicates that they have moved to a different job, Studio WatchDog requests that they provide notes and automatically provides the job ID, date and logs the employees time.
The Account's view
The Account's view gathers all employee's records including the time log, dates and the employee's notes. It totals the billable Application Development hours per job and indicates the billing status. The database is searchable by client, date, invoice status and employee.


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