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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa,Application Development Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia.

MM Presenter

MM Presenter is an application for developing media rich presentations for use at trade-shows, press conferences, product launches and information sessions. Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,Flash application, Flash development,multimedia portfolio,marketing portfolio

MM Presenter is delivered Application Development as a self-contained application on CD Rom requiring no additional software to perform. multi-media,multimedia elements and all text and graphs can be updated from anywhere in the world, where an internet connection is available, through a password protected edit module.

The playback of modules is selectable from 'Sequence Sets'. Any number of 'Sequence Sets' may be created to accommodate a variety of audiences and circumstances.This presentation was optimized for a cinema display (16:9 screen ratio) although it will automatically scale to any screen size. Audio elements playback in Application Development crisp, clear high definition stereo sound.


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