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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa, Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia. Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,Flash development,Flash programming,Flash applications


Moxie Media studios realized the potential MacroMedia Flash had for multi-media,multimedia delivery in 1998. Since than we have used Flash and it's native programming language 'ActionScript' to developed web sites, multi-media,multimedia presentations, CDROMs and applications. Today we are industry leaders and the only company in the world to offer a solution to the Flash 'back-button' problem.

Flash Back
Flash sites are notorious for behaving badly when the browser's back-button is used. Usually you are bounced back to the previous site instead of the previous page. With Moxie's 'Flash Back' technology transitions are smooth, common elements such as navigation and images need only load once and if the user decides to use the back-button it behaves properly.

Custom Applications
Consult the 'Applications' section of this site for Flash products we have already developed but if you don't find what your looking for contact us. We would be pleased to quote on developing an application to meet your specific requirements.

This chart compares the way standard web sites and Moxie Media Flash Back sites behave when the browser's back button is clicked. Standard Flash sites without Moxie Media's Flash Back bounce back to the previous site instead of the previous page.

Flash Auto-fill
Due to technical limitations Flash sites cannot utilize the web browser's auto-fill. Moxie has developed a program that automatically and securely stores information entered into forms and auto-fills all others on the site for the current and subsequent visits to the site.

Administration Modules
Moxie's administration modules allow for easy updating of content
on web sites and CDROMs whenever there is a change in contact information, pricing or any other content. Our solution features an unprecedented degree of control and flexibility for editing all content including text, graphs, images, video, narration and music.

multi-media,multimedia Deployment
Moxie has achieved superior multi and rich media deployment on the internet by using Flash. You will notice that none of the multi-media,multimedia content on this site requires popping up a browser window, and that it streams in with minimal waiting times. Moxie incorporates multi and rich media at the core level thus eliminating the need for additional plugins, pop-up windows,browser reloading or other unnecessary delays.

This form demonstrates Moxie Media's Flash Auto-fill feature.
Fill out the form and click Store Information. When you return
to this form it will auto-fill. (The information you provide can only be viewed from your computer.)


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