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Moxie Media Studios, Ottawa, Canada. Creative marketing design and production including print, web and multi-media,multimedia. Moxie Media Studios,Ottawa,Canada,graphic design portfolio



Moxie Media strives to develop creative concepts and designs that accurately capture our client’s communication and marketing requirements. Our print design experience includes collateral materials (logo, letterhead, business cards, stationary), marketing materials (brochures, posters, kit folders, trade show displays, signage) and retail product design (labels, posters and store displays).

Design Credits
Moxie Media has over ten years of design and production experience in print including marketing materials for community developers (Uniform Developments), multi-lingual brochures (Government of Canada), product design (NutriChem Pharamacy), logos and branding (NAC, 4th Stage) as well as trade show booths and displays.


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